Canadian Army Badge Collection

Large Collection of Canadian Army Insignia is now being loaded on to our website:

Here are some examples of cap badges. We also have Collar Badges, pairs and singles. We have Shoulder Titles, Formation Patches and Cloth Shoulder Titles. We have originals and re-strikes from WW1 and WW2.

This is an ongoing project to put in excess of 500 items of Canadian Army Insignia on to our stock.

This complements our listings of Orders, Medals and Decoration, Other British and Commonwealth Forces Insignia, Vanity Fair Caricatures and other books and prints.

Always looking to buy Medals, Groups and Badge Collections – call Jonathan Godwin on 07765 595662

20181120_084610.jpg20181120_084650.jpgCanada 01 Cap Badges20181120_08461020181120_084847.jpg20181120_084757.jpg20181120_08500420181120_084847-e1542876115472.jpg20181120_08500420181120_085049.jpg20181120_085148.jpg20181120_08514820181120_085323.jpg20181120_085428.jpg20181120_085712.jpg20181120_085530.jpg20181120_085801.jpg20181120_08595420181120_090221.jpg20181120_090137.jpg20181120_090450.jpg20181120_090351.jpg20181120_090535.jpg20181120_09045020181120_091019.jpg20181120_090625.jpg20181120_091318.jpg20181120_091111.jpg20181120_091408.jpg


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