Dunkirk Evacuee’s Palestine GSM / WW2 Medal group plus brother’s Merchant Navy Casualty Group

Here at http://www.ttandm4h.com we have just listed this superb group which has come to us from the direct descendant of the recipient.


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The medal group consists of the following:

General Service Medal with PALESTINE Clasp named to:

55688728 PTE. N. HILTON. WILTS. R.

with 1939/45 Star, Africa Star, Italy Star, Defence Medal and War Medal.

He served in the Machine Gun Section as can be seen from the photographs.

 Plus there is a Wiltshire Regiment Efficiency Medallion

named to:




There are also 2 photograph albums which contain many military related images as well as a few family photos. Also with this lot are some other pieces of ephemera which include a certified copy of his pay book. This lot has been acquired from the direct descendant of John Norbury Hilton.

Norbury Hilton, later changed his name to John – this has been verified by the vendor who is the son of John Norbury Hilton

The Medal roll for the Palestine GSM is equally intriguing and the family could offer no insight. There are 3 versions on-line.


One is a straightforward list confirming the medal and clasp. A second version has DESERTER lightly written against his name.




The third indicated that he was convicted of desertion but also that his medal had been re-issued.

Information provided by the family states that John Norbury Hilton was a very strong swimmer. He played Water Polo for the Army and took part, as can be seen from photographs in Life Saving Competitions. He told his son that during the evacuation form Dunkirk he chose to swim 1 mile out to sea to get rescued.
He is listed on an Expeditionary Forces Missing Casualty List, 16th June 1940 along with many others from 2nd Battalion Wiltshire Regiment. He then appears on a second list of Previously Reported Missing now Not Missing.
Many of the photographs have writing on them and chart his progress throughout the war. The albums are incomplete but we have kept everything together as received to enable to eventual buyer as much information to go on to piece together the full story of this undoubtedly interesting soldier. Here is a small sample of the titled photos.

 Jaffa Beach 1937, Bombay 1942, Baghdad 1942, Tunisia 1942, Tunis 1943, Naples 1944, Rome 1944, Florence 1944, Damascus 1945, Jaffa 1947, Haifa 1948.

Finally there is the WW2 Medal group consisting of; 1939/45 Star, Atlantic Star, Defence and War Medals that were his brother’s, who as First Radio Officer, S.S. MUNERIC Rowland Hilton lost his life when sunk by U-432 (Heinz-Otto Schultze) 10th September 1941. There were no survivors.

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