Historically Important Arctic Medal. H.M.S. Investigator


H. M. S. Investigator – trapped in the ice of the Arctic for several winters before being abandoned to its fate of being crushed and sunk by the ice-pack.

131113_x460g_rci-hms-paint_sn635 Medal to John Ramsay.  A. B. HMS Investigator, showing the naming style, which is absolutely contemporary of the day.

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The listing text is as follows:r1

Historically Important Arctic Medal 1857 to a seaman who sailed on H.M.S. Investigator and  is on the crew list for one of the most renowned voyages in Naval and Exploration history which was pre-eminent in both the search for the Sir John Franklin Expedition and the successful search for the North-West Passage.

The medal is named to John Ramsay H.M.S. Investigator in the form of engraving around the hexagonal rim of the medal.

John Ramsay was an Able Bodied Seaman, crew member of HMS Investigator, Captained…

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