Arctic Medal 1857


Please see our other post regarding the Arctic Medal to Ramsay of H.M.S. Investigator.


Here, at we have recently added this superb Arctic Star to our stock list.

This medal was instituted 30th January 1957.

It was awarded retrospectively to all officers and men engaged in the expeditions to the polar regions from 1818 to 1855, including those involved in the on-going search for the ill-fated Franklin Expedition 1845-48.

Thus the medal was granted to civilians, scientists, personnel of the French and US Navies and employees of the Hudson’s Bay Company who took part in a number of abortive search parties for Sir John Franklin and his crew.

Some 1106 medals, out of 1484 in total, were awarded to officers and ratings of the Royal Navy.

See photographs of this wonderful medal below.

It was on sale at

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