The D’Oyly Carte Opera Company Vanity Fair Originals are pleased to market these fine Vanity Fair Caricatures.

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or call – 0044 7765 595662 to speak with Jonathan Godwin

Vanity Fair Caricatures

D’Oyly Carte Opera Company.

Gilbert and Sullivan Operettas

Probably the most famous of Musical Trios of the Victorian Era.

An almost unique opportunity to buy the three Original Vanity Fair Lithographs of Richard D’Oyly Carte, William Schwenck Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan.

Richard D’Oyly Carte was printed 14th February 1891. The artist was SPY, who was actually Leslie Ward. The caption is Royal English Opera.1891 02 14 Doyly Carte


William Schwenck Gilbert was printed 21st May 1881. The artist was SPY, Leslie Ward. The caption is Patience.1881 05 21 Gilbert

Arthur Sullivan was printed 14th March 1874. The artist was APE,who was actually Carlo Pellegrini. The caption is English Music.1874 03 14 Sullivan

There are other performers of the D’Oyly Carte Company in the Vanity Fair series but these are the 3 most important and look absolutely stunning when framed and hung together.

£675.00 payable by Bank Transfer or PayPal (gift). send me a private message for any further details.


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