Original Vanity Fair Prints of the Victorian Actress Sarah Bernhardt.

Here we present the opportunity to buy the 2 Vanity Fair Caricatures of on of the most famous 19th Century and early 20th century actresses, Sarah Bernhardt. During the short run of Vanity Fair there were circa 2500 subjects published and it is a testament to the fame, position and reverence of Sarah Bernhardt that she sat twice for drawings.

The first was published 5th July 1879, was drawn by T and has the caption Sarah Bernhardt.1879 07 05 Sarah Bernhardt The second was  published 30th October 1912, was drawn by C and has the caption Madame Sarah Bernhardt.Supplement 2296 Madame Sarah Bernhardt

These prints look absolutely superb when framed and are ageless. The edges of these prints are usually worn due to their age which is absolutely normal. Framing will cover hte edges.

These print are for sale as a pair at £365.00 and can be bought by messaging us here. Or please call Jonathan Godwin on 07765 595662. We are West Sussex based dealer in Antiquarian Prints and Books and Medals and Militaria.

Contact us here. ttandm4h@mail.com


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