The Kensingtons. 13th London Regiment


Regimental History




2 Volumes:


1)      The 1914 1918 Great War


By Sergeant O.F. Bailey and Sergeant H.M. Hollier


Published by the Regimental Comrades Association.


In red cloth binding. Still in protective box.


440 pages of text, history, photos, maps and Roll of Honour and List of Honours and Awards.


With the following dedication inside the front cover, written in pencil as follows:


“Presented to Sergeant Rowntree from Major Bellamy 1937”








2)      Second World War


By Major B.V.C. Harpur MC & Major B.R. Wood TD and Major J.J. Evans TD.


Published by the Regimental Comrades Association.


In blue cloth binding.


392 pages of text, history, photos, maps and Roll of Honour and List of Honours and Awards.


This volume has the signatures of what must be colleagues of Mr Rowntree.  Names decipherable as follows: Ganger (Darling to you), Jimmy James (Oxo to you), E Stanbridge (Stan to you), J B “Ginger” Barker, John J Evans, Reg Word, Stan White, A S Turner, Michael Muffat, Bert Balden, and others unknown.







With these 2 volumes are –




1)      Disc ticket to the Royal Review 5th July 1953. Hyde Park


2)      Regimental  Badges and Service Caps Pamphlet published by George Philip and Son, London.


3)      2 cards of a hand written story from 1940. A transcript now follows as best as possible with the handwriting.






This is a transcript of the 2 cards, spelling errors have not been corrected.;














Side 1




The Mad Infrantry Patrol of Les Forges, France 1940.


i/c A E Rowntree C.Q.M.S.


1st P.L.K.




NAME                   REGT                     TRADE                   NAME                   REGT                     TRADE


Sgt H Faulkner   1st PLK                   Conduct Sgt        Sgt G Burns         Northumb Fus   Cook


Cpl J Gifford       1st PLK                   Cook                      Cpl Angus            ditto                      Conduct Cpl


L/C F Bailey         Manchester       Store Clerk          Cpl McNicol        ditto                      Post Cpl


Pte H Johnson   1st PLK                   Cook                      Fus Bain               ditto                      Cook


Pte Tompson     1st PLK                   Orderly Rm Cl    Pte Schord          Manchester       Cook


Cpl Shragar         1st PLK                   ditto                      Pte Tetlow          ditto                      Cook




Our duties was to patrol all lanes and roads around Les Forges at all hours day or night, especially nights, to intercept Fifth Columists and the dropping of parachutist that was reported to have been seen. We did our job as the title denotes.




Side 2




There was no citations for these lads, they did a gtrand job. We were abandon by the commission ranks and deserted by warrant rank as well. After about 3 weeks I was asked by a Mr Munro of the R.A. if Il could cover the camp area which consisted of R.A. R.E. and R. Signals. Between four to five thousand all ranks. He said as we were infantrymen and we were the only people with weapons (Rifles only) they would be a bit safer from any attack. So this is how the patrol started. This procedure went on for about another two weeks and then the powers in charge, we never saw them, decided to close down the camp, which, by the way, was in a wood called Devils Wood. When the retirement started it was midnight and Jerry was over head. We did the rear guard action down to Fleury for one day. After two days sitting on the platform at Fleury Railway Station it was decided that if everybody paid three francs each the railway would make up a train for about one thousand. This we did and at midnight again about fourty…




Side 3




..cement wagons rolled into the station with the patrol. We entrained and started off, destination unknown. We were on the train for three days and suddenly we stopped at a place called Mentade Sarette (indecipherable). And there we were abandoned again to find our own way. As luck would have it the driver of an RASC lorry was serve the same as us, so I commandeered the lorry and the driver and he suggested making for Le Mans as he knew the RASC Depot there too, established by my Old Chum CQMS Robertson of the PLKR. So off we went. We reported to Infantry HQ inLe Mans and they diverted us to Monsaune Camp. All infantry units First Line Reserves, and there PLKS,  Middies, Manchester, Cheshire and Northumberlands. And this is where my patrol finished. We all went to our units and that is how we finished up.






Side 4



My rank was not high enough for mentioning, but these lads did earn some recognition.








This is on sale at or please feel free to contact us through this site.










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