Egypt War Medal and WW1 Family Medals Group


Family Group of Medals

Displayed as acquired.


Egypt Medal with clasps – Tel-El-Kebir, Suakin 1884, El-Teb, The Nile 1884-85 named to 15298 SAP H MORGAN 17 th Co R.E
Khedives Star Egypt 1882 – Unnamed as issued.
British War Medal – 94960 PTE H S MORGAN L’POOL R
Victory Medal – – 94960 PTE H S MORGAN L’POOL R



Egypt Medal Clasps:
Tel-El-Kebir 13th September 1882 – found on dated medals (1882)
Suakin 1884 19th February – 26th March 1884
El-Teb 29th February 1884
The Nile 1884-85 For service with the Khartoum relief expedition prior to the 7th March 1885




EGYPT MEDAL 4 Clasps & Khedives Star
Calculated year of birth: 1860
Parish of birth: Wolvesnewton
Town of birth: Chipston
County of birth: Monmouthshire
Age at attestation: 18 years 10 months
Attestation date: 24 June 1878
Attestation corps: Royal Engineers
Attestation soldier number: 15298
The National Archives reference: WO97
Main points taken from the documents.
1) Proceedings On Attestation1 morgan 1

Joined up 24th June 1878 at the age of 18yrs and 1o months. He was a blacksmith. He had previously served in The Royal Monmouth Engineers Militia. His attestation document is countersigned by Sergeant Thomas James. Henry could not write and has signed with a X as his mark.
2) Description of Henry Morgan2 morgan 2

He was 5’5’’ tall, had Hazel eyes, Fair complexion and brown hair. Underwent his medical at Brecon on the 28th June 1878 w

ith Surgeon Major W Stewart. Recruited by Sergeant Thomas James RMEM (The Royal Monmouth Engineers Militia). Certificated by Captain Arthur W Mackintosh, Supertintending Officer.
3) Military History Sheet3 morgan 4

Dates and Places as follows

Home – 25/06/1878 to 14/09/1880
Malta – 15/09/1880 to 07/09/1882
Egypt – 08/09/1882 to 29/11/1882
Malta – 30/11/1882 to 16/05/1883
Egypt – 17/05/1883 to 16/09/1885
Home – 17/09/1885 to 24/06/1890
Total service of 12 years.
Next of kin is his Uncle, Mr Pritchard, Llanishen, nr Chepstow, Monmouthshire.
Engaged in the Egyptian Campaign of 1882. Present at the action of Tel-el-Kebir 13th Sept 1882. Engaged in the Military Operations in the Easter Soudan 1884. Present at the Battle of El Teb 29thfeb 1884, Nile Expedition 1884-5.
Not wounded. Awarded medal with clasps for Military operations in Egypt 1883, also Khedive’s Bronze Satr. Clasps Suakin, El TEb Nile 1884-5. Not married. Very Good character.
Intended Place Of Residence on Discharge – Police Station, BLAINA.
4) 1st Class Army Reserve Document4 morgan 5Dated 20th January 1890. Signed by Major Downs at Newport. Henry Morgan has learnt to produce a signature.
This documents his move to the B Army Reserve.
“These documents are with the Chief Constable of Monmouthshire.”

5) Statement of Services5 morgan 3

Dated 24th May 1890, Discharged at Chatham.
6) Statement of Services6 morgan 6Dated 24th May 1890, Discharged at Chatham. Termination of his Engagement.


British War Medal – 94960 PTE H S MORGAN L’POOL R
Victory Medal – – 94960 PTE H S MORGAN L’POOL R
Medal Index Card confirms that Harry S Morgan served as a Private in the Liverpool Regiment. He is entitled to a BWM and Victory pair as shown. He is also listed as having been awarded a Silver War Badge, otherwise known as a Silver Wound Badge.

7 HS Morgan MIC
The Silver War Badge number is B335124.

8 HS Morgan SWB
Harry enlisted 18th September 1916 and was discharged 28th October 1919, aged 20 tears. The War Badge Roll also confirms that he served overseas. He was discharged the Depot K.L.R (King’s Liverpool Regiment).


The 4 medals are presented, as received, on a padded embroidered cloth with a cardboard backing. It can obviously be seen that all the ribbons are incorrect, or wrongly applied which adds to the charm of this superb group.

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