5th Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment Officer’s Medals

5th Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment Officer’s Medals




Medals to Captain W G RIDDELL
British War Medal named to: CAPT. W.G. RIDDELL
Victory Medal named to: CAPT. W.G. RIDDELL


Birmingham Peace Medal
Obverse – The Great War 1914 – 1919 Birmingham Peace Celebration, with the coats of Arms “FORWARD”

4 riddell


5 riddell

BWM & Victory Medals, as issued in their individual boxes. Ribbons in perfect, unused conditrion. Medals still in their envelopes.





The medals were known to relate to W G Riddell, Royal Warwickshire Regiment. W G Riddell has numerous references regarding his service in the London Gazette.


11th May 1916 – Royal Warwickshire Regiment. 2nd Lt (temp Lt) W G Riddell to be temp Captain 12th May 1916.
24th February 1917- Royal Warwickshire Regiment. The undermentioned 2nd Lt (temp. Captain) revert to the temp. rank of Lieutenant on alteration in posting.
26th March 1918 – Lt. W. G. Riddell, Royal War. Regt. to be Adjutant and to be acting. Captain with pay and allowances. of Lt. whilst so employed.
26th June 1918 Adjutant
27th June 1917 – Major C E Riddell and 2nd Lt D E Riddell – both Royal Warwickshire Regiment, are mentioned – relatives perhaps?
27th June 1917 – 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) W. G. Riddell to be Lt., with precedence as from Ist June 1916.
3rd May 1919 – Lt. W. G. Riddell is restored to the establishemnt.
30th September 1919 – Infantry – Lt W G Riddell, 5th Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment, to be Captain 1st October 1919
More research to be done.


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