Air Crew Europe Medal Group to a Pilot killed at Luqa Airfield, Malta in 1944

Broadbent First Page

This is a highly evocative set of Medals for an RAF Pilot who was killed in Action at Luqa Airfield, Malta in 1944.  There is a considerable amount of research with this set which has been compiled by the respected author Mark Hillier.

EFTS Training Course 1941 at RAF Sealand. He is back row far right.RAF Sealand June 1941

His Wings are with 3 photos of Warrant Officer Broadbent. The main photo is of the OTU at Cranfield. He can also be seen with a fellow crew member bu their Beaufighter and also the lower group photo is of 108 Squadron in 1944 with one of their Mosquitos behind.
Group photos and Wings

There is a wealth of information in the accompanying Logbook. Here is also shown his actual medal box.

Log Book and his medals box

The Operations Record Book here details the report of his death on May 2nd 1944.

W/O Broadbent in Mosquito HK418 who was out on convoy patrol had an engine failure whilst over the convoy. As their patrol was just finished, the C.O. flew back with Broadbent, giving him advice, etc, en route. The trip back of about 150 miles was accomplished most successfully and Broadbent then was given advice by the C.O. how to land, but he came in too fast and did not touch down until far down No 1 runway and an overshoot was unavoidable. 

Unfortunately the runway gives no latitude at all ending in a deep ravine, into the far side of the cliff of which he crashed, burst into flames and Broadbent and his observer F/Sgt Alpe were bot killed immediately.

National Archives Ops Record of their deaths

Here is the record of his funeral on May 5th 1944

National Archives record of their funerals

Details from the National Archives of his posting at 43 Squadron at RAF Acklington, RAF Tangmere and RAF Ford. 
Broadbent War Diary May 1942

Broadbent started his RAF Career as a ground crew member ,  working on the HP Hampden, the group includes photos of him in his uniform after he joined up and with his colleagues working on the Hampden. He subsequently re-musters as aircrew and a photo of him at EFTS is included, by this stage in his career he had been promoted to Corporal. After gaining his wings he joins 43 Sqdn on Hurricane night fighters flying from Acklington and RAF Tangmere carrying out night patrols and Havoc co-operation duties. From 43 Sqdn he is posted to convert to twins, attending an OTU on the Beaufighter  and then being posted to 108 Sqdn in Malta. He is engaged on night fighter duties, shipping patrols, GCI intercepts and standing patrols on both the Beaufighter and then Mosquito.

Mark has compiled a brief synopsis of 108 Squadron here.
108 Squadron Summary

Here is the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Certificate to Trevor Richmond Broadbent.
Commonwealth War Graves Commission Certificate

The following 3 images are of his funeral at Luqa Airfield, Malta in 1944.

Funeral Party Salute Funeral Party Diary record of his death and funeral photos

There now follows 4 pages of entries from his logbook.

Firstly we see the entry on the day of his death. The entry states Convoy Patrol. Stbd engine failure – crashed at Luqa and was killed.

May 2nd 1944 Log Book recording his death

His record of service shows that he served at, RAF Sealand, RAF North Battleford, RAF Sutton Bridge, RAF Tealing and Kinnell, RAF Acklington, RAF Ford, RAF Tangmere, RAF West Malling, RAF Kirton-in-Lindsey, RAF West Malling, RAF Grantham, RAF Cranfield, RAF Twinwoods, RAF Maison Blanche Algiers, RAF Luqa Malta, RAF Regghaia and again RAF Luqa Malta.

There is also a list of aircraft flown which includes the Oxford, Dakota, DH 82A, Master, Hurricane, Blenheim, Beaufighter, Beaufort, Mosquito.

Log Book Records This is an interesting page of many detailing his flights.December 1943 Log Book entry MALTA This page of entries details a “scramble” at the end of which he came under fire from Ack-Ack.

April 1944 Log Book entries

The following photos are with the whole package of W/O Broadbent’s medal group.

Any comment is a transcription of the writing on the reverse of the photographs.

JG 2 JG 3 JG Mosquito JG 10 NB Biplane in the background

Wally Morgan, Tony Sullivan and Norman Turner of 23 Squadron. Taken on the front St Julian. Malta 1943Wally Morgan, Tony Sullivan & Norman Turner of 23 Squadron. Taken in front St Julians Malta 1943

Danny and the Flight Bus Malta 1943

Danny and the Flight Bus Malta 1943

Danny, crashed on Luqa Aerodrome December 1943 Malta 1943Danny, Crashed on Luqa Aerodrome December 1953 Malta 1943

Here now follow several photographs of aircraft.

American Mitchell bomber on Luqa Airfield.American Mitchell bomber on Luqa airfield Malta 1943 Bristol Bisley on Luqa Airfield Malta 1943Bristol Bisley on Luqa airfield Malta 1943 Boeing Fortress Malta 1943Boeing Fortress Malta 1943 Douglas Dakota Malta 1943Douglas Dakota Malta 1943 Hawker Hurricane IIC Malta 1943Hawker Hurricane IIC Malta 1943 Hurricane IIC Malta 1943Hurricane IIC Malta 1943 JG 8

YORK Private aeroplane of Air Marshal Sir Charles Portal on Luqa Airfield Malta 1943YORK private aeroplane of Air Marshal Sir Charles Portal on LUCA airfield Malta 1943 WELLINGTON for ASV work Malta 1943Wellington for ASV Work Malta 1943 Spitfire IX Luqa Airfield Malta 1943Spitfire IX Luqa Airfield Malta 1943


With this superb lot comes a rseries of photos of places Trevor Broadbent visited.

Front entrance of our Mess, Balluta Buildings Malta 1943Front entrance of our Mess, Balluta Buildings MAlta 1943 Front view of our Mess, Balluta Buildings, Malta 1943Front view of our Mess, Balluta Buildings, Malta 1943

Front view of our Mess, Balluta Buildings, Malta 1943

Front view of our Mess, Balluta Buildings Malta 1943
Balluta and St Julian taken from the roof of our Mess Malta 1943Balluta and St Julian Bay taken from the roof of our Mess Malta 1943Another view of  Balluta and St Julian form the roof of our Mess, Malta 1943
Another view of Balluta & ST Julian Bays taken from the roof of the Mess Malta 1943
JG 4 School in Valetta. Malta 1943

There is a street sign to the right of the photo showing Brittania Street.School in Valetta Malta 1943 NB Brittania Street sign The Ferry SLIEMA to VALETTA, Malta 1943The Ferry Sliema to Valetta Malta 1943 Street in SLIEMA, Malta 1943Street in Sliema Malta 1943

Here are 3 photos of Egypt 1943.

The odd pyramid in EgyptEGYPT The odd Pyramid in Egypt  Egypt 1943 The Great Pyramid Egypt 1943EGYPT The Great Pyramid Egypt 1943 Some Sphinx or other Egypt 1943EGYPT Some Sphinx or other Egypt 1943

Scenes from Algiers

Shoe Makers in Main Street of Maison Carre near AlgiersALGIERS Shoe makers in Main Stret of Maison Caree near Algiers North Africa 1943 Native quarter in AlgiersALGIERS Native Quarter in Algiers 1943

These last 2 are annotated “Somewhere in Italy”ITALY Somewhere in Italy 1943 ITALY Somewhere  in   Italy 1943

The final photograph is of a scorpion. Presumably some form of warning.

Scorpion warning sign perhaps

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Mark will be at the Militaria Market on Saturday 9th November 2013 as he is hosting a book signing event with his latest publication.


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