The South’s New Militaria Market in Arundel, West Sussex – Bunter’s Bunker

We at ttandm4h are delighted to have taken an exhibitor display section at the new Militaria Market in Arundel, West Sussex.

This is a new venture and we are pleased to support Bunter in his vision of creating a one stop market for all things militaria in this historic town which is on the South Coast Antique Trail. The venue is in the High Street just down from Arundel Castle entrance.

Here are 2 views of the upstairs.

whole room 1

whole room 3


Our cabinet greets you at the top of the stairs.



This is our cabinet. http://www.medals4heroes and which is merged to make ttandm4h




1 whole












Top shelf has some interesting items such as a bust of Field Marshal Bobs Roberts, Lord Roberts of Kandahar. A Montgomery Toby Jug, several Victorian Medals, 2 very fine Gurkha Kukris and an Indian Tulwar.






The second shelf is a taster of our extensive Cap Badge collection. The beauty here is that the buyer can inspect the items close up and not waste time and money buying from the internet.???????????????????????????????

It is our aim to vary this display frequently and have collections of Gurkha, Canadian, Commonwealth and other foreign badges on sale.


We also have a large selection of display medals form around the world. At very affordable prices for the collector, especially those who may just be starting out.

gurkha frames


replicas 2

The bottom shelf has a selection of Dutch Army badges and a couple of swords, along with more cap badges.

bottom shelf

The following 2 shots are close ups of the top shelf.

right top shelf  left top shelf

Apart from being a retail outlet is will also have a museum like ambience with a very broad span of military history. It really will be a traders’ paradise.

Our stock, at ttandm4h, will be primarily Cap Badges and medals. We will only have a small inventory on site but we are very local and will be happy to meet, at the market, with collectors who have serious enquiries. It goes without saying that we are also very keen to buy so if you wish to sell just give us a call and we can discuss opportunities.

The Cap Badge display will rotate from British to Canadian to Commonwealth, both old and new. We have a huge quantity of cloth and formation badges also to show. We have recognised that there is a huge advantage to having physical stock available to the discerning buyer. There is no substitute for a buyer to be able to inspect the goods prior to purchase.

Please come and visit, if you have any specific enquiries please ask.

There are also units still available for exhibitor / retailers, so get in on the first wave.










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