World War One Royal Navy Medals

Via Flickr:First World War Medal Trio plus Royal Fleet Reserve Medal group of 4.

Trio named to: 297589 C G Rapley SPO RN.

The Royal Fleet Reserve medal is named to: 297589 (Ch B 9992) C G Rapley RFR

Christopher George Rapley was a Londoner, born 1885. He joined the Navy in 1901.

He served on HMS Pembroke II, HMS Jupiter, HMS Astraea, HMS Terrible, HMS Speedwell, HMS Inflexible, HMS Irresistible, HMS Egmont  amongst others.

He transferred to the Royal Fleet Reserve (Chatham) 9th August 1913.

Thereafter his records show that he served on HMS Magnificent, HMS Calliope, HMS Pembroke II, HMS Earl of Peterborough.

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