Punjab Medal 1849. Chilianwala and Goojerat

Punjab medal obverse side by theakston-thomas

Via Flickr:Here we have a super Punjab Medal.

Update – 5th September 2013.

We have had confirmation that the naming is correct and that William Agness is on the medal roll and entitled to this medal. We are grateful to Paul for the following information.

The naming style is good. I found him on the roll as No. 1814 Private William Agness entitled to both clasps. The roll has no other information about him so we can assume that he was not wounded in the campaign.

Agness enlisted into the 15th Hussars on 30 January 1846 at Westminster, London. In early April 1846 he transferred to the 3rd Light Dragoons staying with that regiment till 31 January 1856 when he moved to the 6th Dragoon Guards.

The timing of his initial enlistment means that he could not have served in the Sutlej Campaign. His army pension papers are available. He is indexed as William Agness 15th Hussars despite the papers clearly showing that he retired while serving in the 6th Dragoon Guards.

We continue to look to confirm his entitlement to the Indian Mutiny Medal as a member of the 6th Dragoons.

Update 3rd Sept 2013.

We have sent off details to the Regimental Museum because we suspect that this individual is also entitled to an Indian Mutiny Medal possibly a Crimean Medal and a possibly a Sutlej Medal.

Correctly named to: W Agness. 3rd Lt Dragns.

Two clasps as follows: Chilianwala and Goojerat.

The Battle of Chilianwala took place on the the 13th January 1849 and the Battle of Goojerat on the 21st February 1849.

Here is a close up of the clasps. Unusually the clasps were fixed against the norm with the most recent engagement on the bottom. This was peculiar to this medal.
Punjab medal clasps

The next 2 photos show the naming of the medal in the correct style. We can clearly see the name W AGNESS and the second photo 3rd Lt DRAGns

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Finally the reverse shows the surrender to Major General Sir Walter Gilbert, on horseback. The script TO THE ARMY OF THE PUNJAB can be seen above and the date MDCCCXLIX in exergue.


This medal was issued 1849 to British and Honourable East India Forces in the campaigns that resulted in the annexation of the Punjab, also known as the Second Sikh War. It was designed by William Wyon.

The 3rd Light Dragoons were there and there is a very famous painting of them charging at Chilianwala painted by Hy Martens . There is another famous painting by Colonel Charles Beecher Young of the battlefield. This medal will soon go on sale at http://www.medals4heroes.co.uk however if you want to buy before this goes on the open market, please contact us through this site.


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