The Sphere 1900

The Sphere 1900 by theakston-thomas
The Sphere 1900, a photo by theakston-thomas on Flickr.

Via Flickr:October to December 1900 bound volume of the Sphere, a Victorian periodical.Much Boer War coverage.

Here is a snapshot of some of the content in this super historical record.

There is much coverage of the Boer War in this super volume.

There are also articles covering, The Ashanti War and The Crisis in China which are reported throughout the volume,  The General Election in Canada, Mark Twain, Britain’s bid for the Americas Cup,  Launch of the Mikasa at Barrow-in-Furness, The Great Strike of 150 000 Coal Miners in America, Burial of Sir Arthur Sullivan in St Pauls Cathedral,

Some of the artists whose work features are as follows, R M Paxton, Walter Wilson, W B Wollen, Charles Wyllie, Ernest Prater, Bernard Partridge, Joseph Parnell, J Finnimore,

There are illustrated sections on the Return of the C I Vs and their great march through London.The return of Sir Redvers Buller, a one page memorial and list of soldiers of The City of London Imperial Volunteers who died in the Boer War, The Graves of our Heroes, Guerilla fighting, Boer prisoners on St Helena,

Regular sections include obituaries some of which are for Samuel Coleridge Taylor, Sir Hubert Parry, W L Thomas (founder of The Graphic),

Colour illustrations in the Christmas section by, F Newton-Shepard, Cecil Aldin (5 plates including 1 double page), Tom Browne, Sir Joshua Reynolds, and a colour Bovril advertisement.

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