Medals for the Crimea and WWI, recent acquisitions.

Here, below, is a list of recent stock that has been added to from the Crimea and the First World War.

We are pleased to show off these latest items and also a bit of information supporting each medal. Yet again there is much research to do here.

Firstly we have a Crimea Medal. This was awarded to James Brockhurst.

Named to: No 2240 James Brokhurst 55th Regt

It does not have ribbon, however new ribbon is very easy to source.

James Brockhurst was a West Sussex man from Pulborough and the Medal Roll confirms his entitlement. Further research indicates that he is entitled to the India Medal with the Bhutan Clasp.

The 55th Regiment of Foot, Westmoreland regiment, were involved in various battles during the Crimean War. James was present at the Final attack on the Redan at Sebastapol and is recorded as slightly wounded.

The images shown are those of the actual medal. Note the naming images and the spelling mistake on his surname which is not uncommon from the era. The medal is slightly worn but in fair condition.

Copy of crimea 55th 1 Copy of crimea 55th 2 Copy of crimea 55th naming 1 ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

We also have added the following to our First World War Section.

First World War 1915 Star

16226 Pte J McInnac. K O Sco Bord   Kings Own Scottish Borderers

44025 Pte J H Dorran RAMC    Royal Army Medical Corps. He is entitled to a full WW1 Trio

Library 1914 1915 Star

World War One British War Medal

13188 Pte W McKee Essex R                  Essex Regiment
9434 Sgt A Hutchinson K R Rif C      Kings Royal Rifle Corps. Killed in Action (KIA). 27th August 1917.
10689 Cpl W Olley R Dublin Fus                  Royal Dublin Fusiliers. Killed in Action (KIA) 29.7.1915. Entered Balkans 25/4/1915. Commemorated on the Helles Memorial in Turkey.

Library BWM

World War One 1914 Star Trio. Also known as a Mons Trio. One of Kaiser Bill’s Old Contemptibles.

Star to T1 – 2128 Dve R S Trotter.

BWM and VM to 2128 Cpl R S Trotter A S C

He entered France 12th November 1914 in the Sialkot Cavalry Brigade.
??????????????????????????????? 1915 Star Trio

Star to 9190 Pte A Clegg.

BWM to 9190 Sgt A Clegg.

VM to 9190 Sjt A Clegg. Lan Fus

Abraham Clegg served with the Lancashire Fusiliers, he entered France 4th September 1915 and is entitled to a full Trio.
Library Trio

World War One Victory Medal

52761 Pte G Richardson E York R                       East Yorkshire Regiment. Entitled to a WW1 Pair.
1556 Pte J F Briscoe RAMC                                      John Frederick Briscoe served in the Royal Army Medical Corps. He served in the Balkans. Was awarded a Silver War Badge, Number B325293 and he is entitled to a full Trio.
Library Victory

We hope you enjoy reading these snippets. All these medals are worthy of more research. The aim is to put them out there to find an existing relative. The photographs are library photos.


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