At Rennes, the trial of Captain Alfred Dreyfus

Via Flickr:The Dreyfus Affair Vanity Fair Double Print.

Supplement to Vanity Fair.November 23rd 1899 Titled At Rennes. The Trial of Captain Dreyfus.

Identified from Left to Right. Greffier Coupois, Commandant Maxime, Commandant Carriere (Commissair du Gouvernement), Commissaire Special, Artist (foreground), Journalist (foreground).Colonel Jouaust, Judges, Captain Dreyfus (standing), Maitre Demange, Advocates, Captain de Gendarmes, Maitre Labori.General Billot, M Cavaignac, General Zurlinden, M Hanotaux, General Mercier.Colonel Picquart. General Roget, General Gonse, General Boisdeffre.

Vanity Fair has the following descriptive passage of the image At Rennes.

A few short weeks ago Captain Alfred Dreyfus was prominent before the civilised world as few men have been in our times. And now, although as a personality he may be retired into obscurity, the pathetic picture of the man as he stood up against his accusers on his return from that Devilish Island is a picture that should take place in the history of the world. There is the wretched prisoner before his judges; labouring under a measure of injustice that must have appalled any innocent man: whose shame was France’s. It is a picture to which the pencil can do better justice than the pen.

Whether Alfred Dreyfus was, or was not, innocent of the crime laid to his charge will never, perhaps, be certainly known.It is possible that the man was a traitor: it is certain that he was most unjustly dealt with. For to condemn a man on a most hideous charge, with practically no evidence, it is to do a thing which is altogether shocking to English notions of right; and it can be no answer to such injustice to urge Expediency. But in the end the man who seemed to stand up so bravely, so pathetically, against the French world only to be condemned again, has accepted a pardon, and in all the French circumstances of this terrible case it is not for us to say that he has done wrong.

The following images are caricatures of the main protagonists and commentators.

Captain Alfred Dreyfus with the caption At Rennes. Published 07-Sep-1899 Drawn by SPY

1899 09 07 At Rennes

Major Esterhazy with the caption Major Esterhazy. Published 26-May-1898 Drawn by GUTH

1898 05 26 Major Esterhazy

Emil Zola with the caption French Realism. Published 24-Jan-1880 Drawn by TM.           J’ACCUSE


Anatole France with the caption Greatest Living Frenchman. Published 11-Aug-1909Drawn by GUTH

1909 08 11 The Greatest Living Frenchman

This is a rarely presented set. The double page group drawing is very rare indeed.

They cover a landmark case in French Military and Government history of which there is much to read, dealing with the subjects of espionage and anti-semitism and justice. This is the second trial of Captain Dreyfus, (Capitaine Dreyfus),  after returning from Devil’s Island where he had been sent after his first trial.

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