Vanity Fair Musicians

This is a selection of individuals from the Music Category of the Vanity Fair Weekly Periodical that ran from 1869 to 1914. It was originally edited by Thomas Gibson Bowles and the lithograph prints are an ever present popular genre commonly known as Spy prints.

Spy was the pseudonym of the artists Leslie Ward who was the most prolific of the artists closely followed in output by Carlo Pellegrini under the pseudonym Ape.

We. at Theakston-Thomas, have a substantial stock holding of these prints and we are confident that we can acquire any of the complete catalogue through contacts with others major collectors who enjoy this genre. We are also confident that we will be the most cost effective UK based supplier.

Pride of place is our ability to provide a full, complete sets of Cricketers, Golfers, Judges and Jockeys amongst all other items.

As an example we have below Musicians which are listed with ther Neame, Date of publication, Caption and Artist.

Please contact us through here or visit our website for more details.

Date: 10-Apr-1875 The Vanity Fair Caricature of Mr. Ira D. Sankey With the caption of : Praise & Prayer By the artist: APE
Ira Sankey

Date: 02-Dec-1897 The Vanity Fair Caricature of Mr. Joseph Hollman With the caption of : A Great Cellist By the artist: CG

Joseph Hollman

Date: 21-Mar-1885 The Vanity Fair Caricature of Luigi Arditi With the caption of : Il Bacio By the artist: APE

Luigi Arditi

Date: 13-Jun-1895 The Vanity Fair Caricature of Mr. August Manns With the caption of : Crystal Palace By the artist: SPY

August Manns

1904 Mackenzie

Date: 17-Apr-1907 The Vanity Fair Caricature of Mr. Henry J. Wood With the caption of : Queen’s Hall By the artist: SPY

Henry Wood

Date: 29-Apr-1908 The Vanity Fair Caricature of Mr. Mark Hambourg With the caption of : Impromptu By the artist: SPY
Mark Hambourg

Date: 28-Jul-1909 The Vanity Fair Caricature of Mr. S. Ernest Palmer With the caption of : Patron’s Fund By the artist: ELF

S Ernes tPalmer

Vanity Fair Musicians, a set on Flickr.


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