Vanity Fair Spy Prints

We are going to be showing here the wonderful world of Vanity Fair Prints. It is going to be a very long job and we will upload in categories to appeal to specific interest groups. These Victorian prints, approx 2300 in total covered many subject areas ranging from the Professions to Sporting.

I hope these are enjoyed.

Needless to say that all are available at our website. We, together, hold the largest stock in the UK, if not the world. As well as straight from selling we are also happy to discuss loans for exhibitions or film and TV productions.

We hold complete collections of the most sought after sets which include, Red Robed Judges, Cricketers, Golfers, Jockeys etc.

We start with 3 Aldermen, Lord Mayors. This group has been chosen to highlight the superbly drawn regalia. This is not the complete group, just a sample of new stock that has just arrived for processing.



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