Theatrical Vanity Fair Lithographs

New stock that has just been added to our site.

These are all Theatrical prints which will include some very familiar names.


Top of the pile is none other than Sir Henry Irving. The caption is THE BELLS and it was printed  19th December 1974.

1874Irving This is Mr Squire Bancroft, with the caption BANCROFT, printed 13th June 18911891Bancroft
Mr Cyril Francis Maude, SQUIRREL, 11th March 18971897Maude


Edmund Rostand, CYRANO, 20th June 1901. Drawn by GUTH

Mr Herbert C Workman, THROUGH EVERY PASSION RANGING,  31st March 1910, drawn by ELF1910Workman Mr Oswald Stoll, THE COLISSEUM, BY Ape Junior,  4th January 19111911Stoll Charles Wyndham, LE DOYEN, by AST, 7th January 1914. This toward the very end of the life of the Original Vanity Fair. Is this Charles Wyndham of  The Wyndham Theatre fame?1914Wyndham


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