First World War Silver War Badge

Via Flickr:Silver War Badge from World War One.

The silver war badge was issued to wounded soldiers to wear at home to distinguish them from those who would not join up and to ensure that the people knew this. This badge is also frequently referred to as a Silver Wound Badge.

As you can see from the reverse side it has a number stamped on it. This number is 257112


SWB  Ward

This particular example was awarded to Hugh Ward.

Silver War Badge No 257112 awarded to Hugh Ward.  He was Private 39328  H Ward, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. records show that he was wounded 31st October 1917. Enlisted 17th March 1915. He entered France on the 2nd April 1915. Within two weeks of enlisting he entered the horrors of France.

His medal index card shows that he also served as 063138 ASC. ASC is the Army Service Corps.


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