First World War Trench Map, RICHEBOURG

Via Flickr:World War One Trench Map of the RICHEBOURG District.

Dated 8th August 1916.

Clearly showing many famous names from the conflict such as Lorgies, Illies, Le Transloy, Trois Maisons, Halpegarbe, Ligny le Petit, Ligny le Grande, Distillery, Rue de Marais, Indian Village, Festubert and Neuve Chapelle.

As can be seen from the image a small section is missing top left.

It is very humbling for the writer to see the trenches of Neuve Chapelle where his grandfather was serving as a Serjeant in the 3rd Wessex, 26th Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps. My grandfather survived the war despite being discharged having suffered a bullet wound to the head.

The names given to some of the trenches are: Church Road, Fifteenth Street, Liverpool Street, Bomb Row New Cut Road, Rifle Row. There is also a point on the frontline which has been called The Nab. This could be a direct link between the a feature on the front line and the men of Hapmshire, Sussex and Wessex. This is because Than Nab is a feature off the cost of Selsey Bill and east of the Isle of Wight.

trench map neuve chapelle

This next close up is of the trench systems, mainly German in red, near Rue de Marais. The front line here is named The Parabola and Dover Trench to the south. The main German trenches have been named as Eitel Alley North, Eitel Alley South and Adolbert Alley.

The British lines show Coleman Street, Shetland Street and the most forward section of the front line is named Canadian Orchard.

trench map rue de marais

This last close up shows the area around the Distillery between Neuve Chapelle and Rue De Marais.

The interesting aspect here is the large amount of red crosses which are shown on the legend as Entanglement or Other Obstacle. Presumably this indicates large concentrations of barbed wire.
trench map distillery


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