First World War Trench Map part shoring Rue de Marais on the Richebourg Map

Via Flickr:World War One Trench Map of the Richebourg area.

This image shows detail around Rue De Marais. The map was produced August 1916.

I have added 3 blogs of close up photographs of the main Trench Map of the RICHEBOURG sector. I have published these to show the detail and some of the names of the trenches.

The British and Allies trenches are on the left drawn in blue. The German Army trenches are in red.

Here we can see names such as those in red of Adolbert Alley, Marais Alley, Eitet Alley North and Eitet Alley South,  with the front line called The Parabola.

The front line of the Allies lines clearly has been named Canadian Orchard.

The blue lines, which indicate ditches with permanent water show just how wet the area must have been.


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