Mons Star Medal to A E Chesterton

Via Flickr:1914 Mons Star to 8639 Pte A E Chesterton. 1/Lincs R10 April 2013Medal Index Card confirms that Albert Edward Chesterton served in the 1st Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment as 8639 Private. He also served as 13969 Private in the same regiment. British Expeditionary Force.Disembarkation Date 26th October 1914.On Silver War Badge List F/20.Discharged 20th February 1915.1st Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment were in Portsmouth at the outbreak of the Great War in August 1914 serving with 9th Brigade, 3rd Division. They proceeded to France witt the BEF, landing at Le Havre on the 14th of August 1914. They saw action in The Battle of Mons and the rearguard action at Solesmes, The Battle of Le Cateau, The Battle of the Marne, The Battle of the Aisne, at La Bassee, Messines and the First Battle of Ypres. On the 14th of November 1915 the 1st Lincolns transferred to 62nd Brigade, 21st Division, who had suffered heavy casualties at at Loos. In 1916 They were in action in the Battles of The Somme, including The Battle of Morval in which the Division captured Geudecourt. In 1917 they were in action during The German retreat to the Hindenburg Line, the Arras offensive, the Third Battles of Ypres and The Cambrai Operations. In 1918 they fought on The Somme then moved north and were in action during the Battles of the Lys,,the Battle of the Aisne, The Somme, the Battles of the Hindenburg Line and the Final Advance in Picardy. At the Armistice the Division were around Berlaimont, on the 12th they moved to Beaufort, then in mid December they moved west of Amiens and demobilisation began being completed by the 19th of May 1919.1st BattalionAugust 1914 : in Portsmouth. Part of 9th Brigade, 3rd Division.Landed at Le Havre on 14 August 1914.14 November 1915 : transferred to 62nd Brigade, 21st Division.The Bermuda Rifle Volunteer Corps sent a contingent of 2 officers and 125 men, who served with 1st Lincolns from June 1915 onwards. They had suffered 75% casualties by the end of the war. acknowledgement 1914-1918.net1st Battalion04.08.1914 Stationed at Portsmouth as part of the 9th brigade of the 3rd Division. (A contingent of The Bermuda Rifle Volunteer Corps of 2 Officers and 125 men also joined the Battalion.)14.08.1914 Mobilised for war and landed at Havre where the Division engaged in various actions on the Western Front including;During 1914The Battle of Mons and the subsequent retreat, The Battle of Le Cateau, The Battle of the Marne, The Battle of the Aisne, The Battles of La Bassee and Messines, First Battle of Ypres.During 1915Winter Operations 1914-15, The First and Second Attack on Bellewaarde, The Actions of Hooge. acknowledgement


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