Navy and Army Illustrated 1895 to 1903

Via Flickr:The Navy and Army Illustrated.

The following set of volumes has just gone on sale on Amazon as to attract worldwide appeal. The breadth and depth of information and photographs is truly remarkable. The set has been price to deter a breaker buying them for the historic photos.

A magazine descriptive and illustrative of everyday life in the defence of the British Empire.

Edited By: Commander Charles N Robinson.

Published By: Hudson & Kearns, London, and George Newnes, London.

With several colour plates as later bound in the Celebrities of the British Army Series.

Volume 1 starting with Issue number 1 – Friday December 20th 1895 to 12th June 1896. 316 pages.

Volume 2. From June 26th 1896 to December 11th 1896. 320 pages

Volume 3. From December 25th 1896 to June 21st May 1897. 356 pages

Volume 4. From May 28th 1897 to October 21st 1897. 376 pages

Volume 5. From October 29th 1897 to March 18th 1898. 364 pages

Volume 6. From March 26th 1898 to September 10th 1898. 624 pages

Volume 7. From September 24th 1898 to March 18th 1899. 640 pages

Volume 8. From March 25th 1899 to September 16th 1899. 624

Volume 9. From September 23rd 1899 to March 17th 1900. 672 pages

Volume 10. From March 24th 1900 to September 15th 1900. 648 pages

Volume 11. From September 22nd 1900 to March 16th 1901. 640 pages.

Volume 12. From March 23rd 1901 to September 14th 1900. 640 pages

Volume 13. From September 21st 1901 to March 15th 1900. 648 pages

Volume 14. From March 22nd 1902 to September 13th 1902. 648 pages

Volume 15. From September 20th 1902 to March 28th 1903. 724 pages

This is a huge collection of records and photographs of the Royal Navy and the British Army.

The Boer War coverage is extensive with thousands of photographs.

Just gone on sale at Amazon or apply here.


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