Russo Turkish War 1877 at St Stefano

Via Flickr:.The Grand Duke Nicholas of Russia announcing the signing of the Peace to his troops at St Stefano. March 1878.

The 1877 volumes feature reportage from The Russo Turkish War as well as many other notable events.

This illustration is a pull out sheet, over 1 metre wide, from The Graphic, a Weekly Illustrated Newspaper. This publication was a rival the The Illustrated London News

On sale through theakston-thomas on Amazon. We have a series of whole years including 1879 which covers the Zulu War. We also have the Illustrated London News volumes for 1879. It is almost unprecedented to be able to source the whole of 1879 in The Graphic Illustrated Newspaper and The Illustrated London News publications. Coverage is extensive and includes early reports from Rorkes Drift, Isandlwhana, Isandula, Ekowe, Ulundi and all the other notable aspects of this conflict. As well as a large amount ofhistory from the Zulu War there is also the War in Afghanistan which is heavily reported. This is why this particular year is the most sought after of the genre.

As well as these prime volumes we have many many other volumes.


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