Queens South Africa Medal

Via Flickr:Original Queen’s South Africa Medal QSA correctly named to: 1486 Pte B. COLLERY. IMP: Lt HORSE. Medal in Excellent Condition no edge knocks or nicks. 6 x Bars Confirmed: Wepener, Transvaal, Wittebergen, Cape Colony, Orange Free State, South Africa 1901.

With medal rolls that show: No 1486 Pte B Collery 2nd Imperial Light Horse 2 bars then transferred as No 3482 Pte B Collery, Cape Mounted Rifles.

ILH medal rolls WO.100/25 and CMR medal rolls WO.100/241 disclose total clasps as 6 as noted above. He was tried and sentenced by a Court of Officers 4/7/1901 to 84 days hard labour and to be discharged for sleeping at his post.

Collery B 3482 Private QSA

Source: Provisional list of Wepener recipients Cape Mounted Rifles Collery B 2nd Battalion

Source: QSA and KSA rolls Imperial Light Horse Collery Bernard 1486 and  408 Trooper 2nd Battalion Source: Nominal roll in WO127 Imperial Light Horse

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