India Medal Group, Chitral, Malakand, Tirah, Punjab Frontier.

Via Flickr:Fabulous collection of India Medals with the centrepiece pair of Defence of Chitral Medals. This group consists of the following:

Centrepiece Pair: Defence of Chitral India Medal to: 324 Lce Naick Binn 4th Kashmir Rifles, Raghunath Rifles. And a Jummoo and Kashmir medal, unnamed.

The India Medals are from Left to Right as follows.

Tirah and Punjab Frontier Clasps to 3459 Corporal G Jones 1st Battalion, Dorset Regiment.

Relief of Chitral Clasp – 1926 Jenil Garida Singh 23rd B Infy

Relief of Chitral Clasp – 805 Driver Kakoo 2nd Brigade

Relief of Chitral, Punjab Frontier, Malakand, Tirah, Bronze issue to – 3115 Mule Driver Nakibullah, Queen’s Own Corps of Guides.

Relief of Chitral Clasp – 2861 Private A Watson. 2nd Brigade King’s Own Scottish Borderers.

Relief of Chitral Clasp – 777  Hospital Assistant Hira Lall, Bengal Sappers and Miners.

Relief of Chitral Clasp – 3792 Pte G Hall 1st Battalion Gordon Highlanders.

Tirah and Punjab Frontier Clasps – 3243 Private J Hayes. Yorkshire Regiment.

This is a super collection. You will also see books, maps and other items regarding the era on out 2 sites. We also have an extensive collection of Illustrated London News and The Graphic which cover this period.

There were only 7 clasps issued for this medal. This collection covers 5 of those. We are looking to complete the set by finding medals which have the Samana and Waziristan clasps. Please let us know if you have any.


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