Who is melting down WWI medals?

Via Flickr:First World War British War Medal inscribed to:36093 Pte P F Perry. Hamps R   Private Percy Perry served in the Hampshire Regiment.Percy also served as 107080 in the Labour Corps, so there is a story behind this chap.

Did you know that there is an underground trade that buys these particular British War Medals from the First World War to melt them down for their silver content? Rumour has it that some unscrupulous dealers actually contribute to this despicable trade. Unbelievably this melting down is more likely to happen if the medal is inscribed to a soldier who served in a less fashionable regiment or service corps. The more cynical offenders even trade the suspender for additional funds.To think that what the recipients of this medal went through and witnessed to qualify for this medal counts for so little that some dreadful, grotty individual will melt it down for a few quid is truly shocking.

This should be a criminal offence!

For more information please visit http://www.medals4heroes.co.uk


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