Francis Hunt

Via Flickr:Original Vanity Fair Print, otherwise known as a Spy Print after the most renowned artist of the genre, Leslie Ward.

This colour lithograph is dated April 29th 1871 with the caption An able artist………

He is Francis Grant , a renowned artist of the Victorian Era.

Grant was the fourth son of Francis Grant, laird of Kilgraston, near Bridge of Earn, Perthshire, and his wife Anne Oliphant of Rossie. Grant was educated at Harrow School, and inherited a large sum of money on the death of his father in 1818 – a fortune which was apparently “soon spent”. He had a passion for fox-hunting and other sports as a young man, and initially intended to become a lawyer. However, he left his studies to take up painting, of which he was mainly self-taught – partly by copying the works of Velasquez and other masters – though he briefly spent time in the studio of Alexander Nasmyth.He acquired a reputation as a fine painter of sporting subjects, and in 1834 exhibited at the Royal Academy – a picture called Melton Breakfast (which was engraved by Charles G. Lewis). In 1837 he exhibited The Meeting of His Majesty’s Staghounds on Ascot Heath, painted for the Earl of Chesterfield, and in 1839 The Melton Hunt, purchased by the Duke of Wellington (both of these have been engraved, the former by F. Bromley, the latter by W. Humphreys).In 1841, he painted A Shooting Party at Rawton Abbey for the Earl of Lichfield, and in 1848 The Cottesmore Hunt for Sir Richard Sutton. In 1840 Grant exhibited an equestrian group of Queen Victoria riding with Lord Melbourne and others in Windsor Park, and at once became the fashionable portrait-painter of the day. His portrait of Lady Glenlyon, exhibited in 1842, increased his reputation, and for nearly forty years the most graceful and refined portraits in the Royal Academy exhibitions came from his studio.Grant was elected an associate of the Royal Academy, and in 1851 an academician. In 1866, on the death of Charles Eastlake, Edwin Landseer turned down the seat of Academy President, and Grant was elected instead. He was knighted soon afterwards – wikipedia

The artist signed APE was Carlo Pellegrini.

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