The Reverend Joseph Leycester Lyne

Via Flickr:Original Vanity Fair Print, otherwise known as a Spy Print after the most renowned artist of the genre, Leslie Ward.

This colour lithograph is dated 9th April 1887 with the caption Father Ignatius

The subject is The Reverend Joseph Leycester Lynes, a renowned member of the cloth of the Victorian Era.

wikipedia – Joseph Leycester Lyne, known by his religious name, Father Ignatius (November 23, 1837 — October 16, 1908) was an Anglican Benedictine preacher. He was educated at St Paul’s School and Glenalmond College; commenced a movement to introduce monasticism into the Church of England, and built a monastery for monks and nuns at Capel-y-ffin a few miles above Llanthony Priory in the Black Mountains, Wales near Abergavenny. Members of the movement followed the rules and wore the garb of the Order of St. Benedict. In his work and ministry, Fr. Ignatius is linked with Joseph Rene Vilatte and with Eduard Herzog (Christian Catholic Church of Switzerland) who played pivotal roles in the developmental of non-papal Catholicism. Fr. Ignatius tried to build an abbey in Norwich prior to the establishment of the monastery at Capel-y ffin, although this Benedictine establishment failed.

The artist signed APE was Carlo Pellegrini. For this and many more Vanity Fair prints and other Victorian prints and portraits, please go to our website listed at the bottom of the page. If we do not have it we can guarantee that we know someone who does so please send your Vanity Fair Print wants to us. Quote “ttandm4h” to claim and receive a discount or postage refund.

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