Reverend Newman Hall

Via Flickr:Reverend Newman Hall. Original Vanity Fair Print, otherwise known as a Spy Print after the most renowned artist of the genre, Leslie Ward.

This colour lithograph is dated 23rd November 1872 with the caption Come to Jesus

The subject is Reverend Newman Hall, a renowned man of the cloth of the Victorian Era.

source – Wikipedia – The Surrey Chapel (1783-1881) was an independent Methodist and Congregational church established in Blackfriars Road, Southwark, London on 8 June 1783 by the Rev. Rowland Hill. His work was continued in 1833 by the Congregational pastor Rev. James Sherman, and in 1854 by Rev. Newman Hall. The chapel’s design attracted great interest, being circular in plan with a domed roof. When built it was set in open fields, but within a few years it became a new industrial area with a vast population characterised by great poverty amidst pockets of wealth. Recently the site itself has been redeveloped as an office block (currently occupied by the London Development Agency), and Southwark Underground Station has been built opposite.

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