John Colenso

Via Flickr:The Rt. Rev. John William Colenso, D.D. Bishop of NatalOriginal Vanity Fair Print, otherwise known as a Spy Print after the most renowned artist of the genre, Leslie Ward.

This colour lithograph is dated 28th November 1874 with the caption the Pentateuch

The subject is John Colenso, a renowned man of the cloth of the Victorian Era.

The artist signed APE was Carlo Pellegrini. For this and many more Vanity Fair prints and other Victorian prints and portraits, please go to our website listed at the bottom of the page.

If we do not have it we can guarantee that we know someone who does so please send your Vanity Fair Print wants to us.

Quote “ttandm4h” to claim and receive a discount or postage refund.

Source – Wikipedia – Colenso was a significant figure in the history of the published word in nineteenth century South Africa. Using the printing press he brought to his missionary station at Ekukhanyeni in Natal, and with William Ngidi he published the first Zulu Grammar and English/Zulu dictionary. His 1859 journey across Zululand to visit Mpande (the then Zulu King) and meet with Cetshwayo (Mpande’s son and the Zulu King at the time of the Zulu War) was recorded in his book First Steps of the Zulu Mission. The same journey was also described in the first book written by native South Africans in Zulu – Three Native Accounts (with accounts written by Magema Fuze, Ndiyane and William Ngidi). He also translated the New Testament and other portions of Scripture into Zulu.

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