Happy Dashera Gurkha Army Service Corps

Via Flickr:28 Company ASC (MT) Hong Kong.  28 Company Gurkha Army Servie Corps

Later this unit became The Gurkha Transport Regiment Whitfield Barracks

Circa 1960

There are many hundreds of photographs from the late 1950 to early 1960s of service life of the early days of the Gurkha Transport Regiment.

The unit is now known as The Queen’s Own Gurkha Logistics Corps, having been renamed from The Queen’s Gurkha Tranport Regiment. Brigade of Gurkhas


Contribution from Mike Thorp, below:

Lt James Connochie presenting a swathe of Regimental  tartan to Capt (QGO) Jarnabahadur Rai, Senior Queens Gurkha Officer, 28 Coy Gurkha ASC in October 1960, Whitfield Barracks, Kowloon, Hong Kong on completion of his first tour (of duty) with the Gurkha ASC.


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