Battle of Britain, Royal Air Force, So Few

Via Flickr:So FewThe creation of :Michael Pierce, Chichester based Silhouettist. Roy Asser – Fine Art Photgrapher Bill Gunston – Aviation writer John Golley – WW2 Pilot Ian Dunning Ex Services and Journalistic Editor

Battle of Britain silhouettes by the world renowned artist Michael Pierce

In 1990 a wonderful folio was produced entitled So Few.

Each folio was accompanied by a set of 25 silhouetttes of each of the featured pilots from the Battle of Britain. Each silhouette is signed by the Pilot and by the Artist in their original hand.. Each folio was retailed at £1600.00. Only 401 were produced. Owners include H M The Queen and The Library of Congress Washington DC USA. We, at Theakston Thomas, have a set of these silhouettes fo sale. For sale here is a set of the original authentic signed silhouettes. With this is also a copy of the official W H Smith publication

Each one signed in person by Michael Pierce and the Flier himself.

Pilots include:Paddy Barthropp, Pete Brothers, Henri Lafont, Brian Kingcome, Denis Crowley-Millings, Alan Deere, Bird-Wilson, Ben Bennions, Beamont, David, B H Drobinski, J H Duart, Tom Gleave, N Hancock, A Mac-donell, PL Parrott, D Sheen, J Storrar, G Unwin, Charlton Haw, M Manfsield,

Some of these pilots were members of the Guinea Pig Club, and were operated on by Archibald McIndoe. This was the beginning of plastic surgery later to become cosmetic surgery.

These silhouettes are fabulous.

Please visit for more details.


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