World War One Medal to M Flannery

Via Flickr: World War One British War Medal to: 9563 A Sjt M J Flannery DLI Durham Light Infantry.

Medal index card confirms that this is his only medal entitlement.

He served in India.

He also served as 35516 East Yorkshire Regiment.

His Medal Index Card also shows the following address – 86 Elliott Road, Calcutta, India.

Go to

Soapbox time!

Name and shame those who melt these medals down. It should be a criminal offence.

If you wish to sell a similar medal, please sell to a reputable dealer because there are awful, unscrupulous people out there who will melt these down for the silver content. Should be a criminal offence.

Sure as hell these people would not go through what the soldier recipient went through.

This man did not witness the horrors of the First War only for some toe rag to melt it down for £25.00.


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