The War Office Manuals of the Second World War.

Via Flickr:Fantastic research material published shortly after the Second World War.

This is a group of volumes published by The War Office. from 1950 onwards.

Foreword – “a series of volumes, compiled by authority of the Army Council,the object of which is to preserve the  experience gained during the Secon World War in selected fields of military staff work and administration.

Volumes as follows:

Transportation. Brigiadier R Micklem CMG CBE. 1950. With numerous maps.
Movements. Major J B Higham and E A Knighton. 1955. Witha maps and diagrams.
Supplies and Transport. Colonel D W Boileau. 1954. 2 volumes with maps and diagrams.
Administrative Planning. Colonel H W Wilson. 1952. With fold out map.
Personnel Selection. Colonel B Ungerson, late Chief Psychologist War Office. 1953.  (2 copies)

A rare opportunity to acquire this group of volumes.

The volumes have many charts, plans, maps and diagrams. A fabulous source of geuine information, not opinion.



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