British Army Formation Patches 04

Via Flickr:Second Army, Second Army, 36 Infantry Division, 36 Infantry Division, Northern Command, Northern Command, VIII Corps, VIII Corps, British Commonwealth Forces Korea, Commando Forces, Special Service, Commando Signals, HQ Special Service Brigade, 7 Armoured Brigade, 7 Armoured Brigade, Army Air Corps, Catterick Garrison, 16 Brigade, 1st Airborne Division, 16th Airborne Division, UK National, Combined Operations, Combined Operations, UK National Gulf, 1 Black Watch Battalion Group GulfUK National Gulf, Eastern Command, Eastern Command, Gulf War, Gulf War, Northern Command, Military Staff Ministry of Supply, East Africa Command, 51 Highland Division, 44 Infantry Division, Fourteenth Army, Fourteenth Army, S E Asia Command, HQ ME Land Forces, Coast Artillery Training Centre SW District,

Some of these are very rare.

Please enquire here if interested otherwise visit


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