British Army Formation Patches 03

Via Flickr:11th Armoured Division, 49th West Riding Division, 4th Infantry Division, 17th Infantry Division, 6th Infantry Brigade, Salisbury Plain Distirict, 5th Infantry Division, Eighth Army, Gulf War, Rhine Army Troops, Eastern Command, Eastern Command, 55th West Lancashire Division, 55th West Lancashire Division, Northern Army Group, 28th Squadron Gurkha Transport Regiment, British Commonwealth Forces Korea, Fourteenth Army, 1st Airborne Division, REME Southern Command, Gibraltar Garrison, West Scotland District, Gulf War, VIII Corps, 56th London Division, North Wales District Western Command, 53rd Welsh Division, 53rd Welsh Division, 45th West Country Division, 24th Independent Guards Brigade Group, 78th Infantry Division, 78th Infantry Division, London District, Army Air Corps, Scottish Command Troops, 1st AA Division, Catterick Garrison, RE Training Brigade, RE Training Brigade, FARELF, 43rd Wessex Division,

Some of these are very rare. Please enquire here if interested otherwise visit


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