USA Army Formation Patches 03

Via Flickr:3rd Marine Division, Naval Amphibious Forces, 18th Medical Command, 17th Abviation Brigade, 210th Field Artillery Brigade, 11th Air Defence Artillery Brigade, 72nd Field Artillery Brigade, 32nd Air Defence Command, 214th Field Artillery Brigade, 31st 35th 45th 47th 49th 52nd ARADCOM, 130th Engineer Brigade, 7th Engineer Brigade, Florida National Guard, 22nd Signals Brigade, 18th Military Police Brigade, 14th Military Police Brigade, Military Intelligence and Security Command, 44th Medical Brigade, Army Materiel Command, 3rd Logisytice Command, 13th Support Brigade, 1st Logistic Command, 1st Logistic Command, 21st Support Command, 7th Service Command, Health Service Command, Health Service Command, Air Defence School, Replacement and Schools Command, Army Aviation School, Individual Readiness Reserve Command, USMA, USMA Cadre, USMA Cadre, Infantry,

Please go to for much more.



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