Dutch Armed Forces Insignia 04

Via Flickr:Dutch Armed Forces Insignia. Medical Korps 1947 1951, Training Ventre for Officers of Special Duties 1976, Pontonniers, Pontonniers, Reserve Officer for General Staff, Military Psychology and Social Science 1978, Medical Korps, Collar, Genie Potential NCO, Genie Senior NCO, Collar, Collar, Pioniers, Bewakingskorps, Koninklijke Landmacht 1952 1955, Officieren van Gezondheid En Wandartsen En Apothekers, Verpegings-Troepen 1947-1951, KMC, Cavalrie, Fortifications Officer, Sapper, Soldier, Infanterie Algemeen Potentail NCO, Infanterie Algemeen Senior NCO, Reserve Officer, Genie Reserve Officer, Fortifications, Infanterie, QM Staff, Genie, Anti-Tank Artillery, Anti-Aircraft Artillery, World War 2,

Please visit www.medals4heroes.co.uk for these and much, much more.

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