New Zealand and South Sea Islands Cap Badges

CWF 02 New Zealand by TheakstonThomas
CWF 02 New Zealand, a photo by TheakstonThomas on Flickr.

Via Flickr:Badges of the New Zealand Army, and others. Soon to be on sale.  Get ahead of the others and contact us here.

Canterbury Regiment   , Auckland Regiment , Otago Regiment , Wellington Regiment , Wellington, West   Coast Rifles , North Otago Rifles , Taranaki Rifle Regiment , Nelson Infantry   Regiment , South Otago Regiment , North Aukland Regiment , Waikato Regiment ,   Ruahine Regiment , NZ Expeditionary Force , The New Zealand Regiment , The   Maori Regiment , Canterbury Yeomanry Cavalry Mounted Rifles , Wellington West   Coast Mounted Rifles , Auckland Mounted Rifles , Waikato Mounted Rifles ,   Mounted Rifles , Manawato Mounted Rifles , Otago Mounted Rifles , North   Aukland Mounted Rifles , Nelson Mounted Rifles , The New Zealand Regiment ,   New Zealand Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps , Royal New Zealand Nursing Corps ,   Royal New Zealand Armoured Corps , Royal New Zealand  Artillery , Railway Batalions New Zealand   Engineers  , New Zealand Signals Corps   , Royal New Zealand Medical Corps , New Zealand Pioneer Corps , New Zealand   Machine Gun Corps , Royal New Zealand Air Force , Koolong , Royal New Zealand   Provost , New Zealand Women’s Royal Army Corps , Unknown , Taranaki Rifle   Regiment , Unknown , Unknown , Wellington Regiment , Mounted Rifles , Unknown   , New Zealand Regiment , General Service , General Service , General Service   , New Zealand Army Service Corps , Maori Regiment , Wellington Regiment ,   Otago Regiment , NZR , NEW ZEALAND , NZ , Gilbert Islands Regiment , Fiji   Regiment ,

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