Canadian Army Cloth Shoulder Titles

Via Flickr:If you are interested in purchasing any of these items, please go to <a href=

The Perth Regiment   Canada , Cameron Highlanders of Ottowa Canada , First Hussars Canada , Royal   Winnipeg Rifles , Royal New Brunswick Regiment Canada , Princess Louise   Fusiliers , Canadian Grenadier Guards , 8th Canadian Hussars (Princess   Louise’s) , Three Rivers Regiment Canada , Glengarrians Canada , NB Rangers   Canada , Royal Canadian Signals , Royal Canadian Engineers , Royal Canadian   Dragoons , Veteran’s Guard of Canada , Le Regiment de la Chaudiere , Royal   Canadian Mounted Police Gendarmerie Royale du Canada , Reggia Rifle Regiment   Canada , The Royal Regiment of Canada , Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps ,   Queen’s Own Cameron High’R’S , Royal Hamilton Light Infantry Canada , Royal   Canadian Army Chaplains Corps , 48th Highlanders of Canada , Highland Fusiliers   of Canada , Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps , RCOC , The Black Watch R.H.R of   Canada ,

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