World War One Medal to Henry Pointer

Via Flickr:S4/161742 Pte H E Pointer ASC – Army Service Corps.  His Medal Index Card confirms that Henry E Pointer’s full entitlement was a WWI Medal Pair which consists of a Brtish War Medal and a Victory Medal. So we just need to re-unite the British War Medal featured here with his Victory Medal.
At least we have the BWM so the smelters will not get it! See below.

Do you know that there is an underground trade out there that melts down these medals for their silver content.? This is a terrible thing and terrible outcome for a medal that has been awarded to a soldier of the First World War. Each medal has been individualy named and is either one of a pair or trio awarded to each soldier of that war. Who knows what each soldier witnessed or lived through during that war, but I am dammed sure that the medal is worth more than £25.00 scrap. It does not matter if the soldier served with a front line regiment or was part of the huge number serving in Corps. To know that these are being melted down to for the silver content is very, very saddening. This must stop. We have been made aware that not only are the discs being melted down but also that the suspender is then being sold for replacement suspenders for other medals. There is much more to be said on this subject. More to follow.

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