January Sales

We at http://www.theakston-thomas.co.uk are having a January sale.

If you are interested in Victorian history you might be interested in our website. We have a large stock of Illustrated London News, The Graphic Illustrated Newspaper, The Sphere etc. The publications, apart from reporting current affairs of the time are also full of illustrations and portraits both large and small.
One of my favourite volumes is the Lady Magazine of 1857 which has reports coming in from India regarding the Indian Mutiny. This is not currently for sale and is fairly poor condition however I would be prepared to discuss sale.
We also have a very large collection of Vanity Fair Caricatures. These are also known as Spy prints, due to the Spy signature on many of the print. SPY was an artist called Leslie Ward. The other famous artist was Carlo Pellegrini who signed his work as APE. As well as our own inventory we also work with another major collector so we are confident that we can source any of the circa 2700 prints ever produced.
We are having problems uploading the amended prices so if you are interested in any of our items, please conatct us.


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